In this, the sixth episode of our 2nd season, we meet another important figure from the history of Roswell. The Rocket Man himself, Robert Goddard.

The voices in this episode are:

Rion – Kyle Bullock

Neila – Devon Bullock

Etty – Lynetta Zuber

Tolip – Tony Souza

Feminine Rion – Jill Bailey

Orb – Robin Haynes

Robert Goddard – Michael Sweeney

Timbus – Jeorganna Simoes

Leber – Will Cass

Boss – Scott Phillips

Grud – Austin Beach

Olga – Sarah Golding

Gustav – Mike Janson

NOTE: The audio drama featured at the beginning of this episode, “Rex Rivetter: Private Eye” can be found on most podcast platforms, such as iTunes and Stitcher Radio. It can also be found on its website –

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