While at John Chisum’s ranch, Rion learns the background for what would soon become The Lincoln County War. Neila finds herself in the middle of Billy the Kid’s relationship with Chisum’s niece, Sallie. Tolip tries to outrun the law in Lincoln. And three years earlier, Orb meets the real Billy the Kid. The voices for this episode are:

Rion – Kyle Bullock

Neila – Devon Bullock

Etty – Lynetta Zuber

Tolip – Tony Souza

Feminine Rion – Jill Bailey

Feminine Tolip – Summer Souza

Orb – Robin Haynes

Billy the Kid – Dominic Batista

John Henry Tunstall – Mike Janson

John Chisum – Boyd Barrett

Pam Englehard – Sallie Chisum

Jesse Evans – Ty Whatley

Jimmy Dolan – Drew Pofit

Frank Baker – Dayn Leonardson

Sheriff Brady – Zack Anderson

The Bartender – Chuck Ousley

The Woman at the Bar – Gina Montague Amos

Biker at the Bar – Terry Todd

Raef and Redir- Curtis Michaels


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