Rion, Neila, and Tolip are still trying to catch up with Orb, who finds himself in another interesting predicament. Meanwhile, Rion calls a meeting with Neila’s parents to see if she’s been telling the truth. The voices in this episode:

Rion – Kyle Bullock

Neila – Devon Bullock

Etty – Lynetta Zuber

Tolip – Tony Souza

Feminine Rion – Jill Bailey

Orb – Robin Haynes

Fuel Attendant – Zack Anderson

Diner Lady – Alethea Hartwell

Timbus – Jeorganna Simoes

Leber – Will Cass

The songs playing on the radio in the diner are “Plantation” and “Rocky Top” by Jason Shaw. They are used courtesy of a creative commons license.

PLANTATION (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0
ROCKY TOP (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0

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