An unexpected turn of events causes the search for Neila’s brother, Orb, to lead Rion, Neila, and Tolip not only to the planet Earth – but also into the past. The voices for this episode are:

Rion – Kyle Bullock

Neila – Devon Bullock

Etty – Lynetta Zuber

Tolip – Tony Souza

Feminine Rion – Jill Bailey

Orb – Robin Haynes

Feminine Tolip – Summer Souza

Eleven – Samantha Thorsted

Mafia Boss – Scott Phillips

Grud – Austin Beach

Pete – Josh Hartwell

Jesse Evans – Ty Whatley

Frank Baker & the Jesse Evans Gang – Dayn Leonardson

Jose Chavez y Chavez & the Regulators – Zack Anderson

Billy the Kid – Dominic Batista

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