After a four month wait between episodes due to ceiling repairs being done to the studio, the seventh episode of our second season is finally here. This episode finds our characters still somewhere outside of Roswell in the 1930s, where they’ve landed in the world of the original Rocket Man, Robert Goddard.

The voices in this episode are:

Rion – Kyle Bullock

Neila – Devon Bullock

Etty – Lynetta Zuber

Tolip – Tony Souza

Feminine Rion – Jill Bailey

Orb – Robin Haynes

Robert Goddard – Michael Sweeney

Boss – Scott Phillips

Grud – Austin Beach

Gustav – Mike Janson

Junior – Zack Anderson

The Wise One – Samantha Thorsted

Raef & Redir – Curtis Michaels

Dar – Boyd Barrett

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